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Gaskets - Heavy Duty

All of our gaskets are made from high quality materials.


Part Number Description  
GAS20GR 2.0" Grooved Add to quote
GAS25GR 2.5" Grooved Add to quote
GAS20HD 2.0" HD Add to quote
GAS25HD 2.5" HD Add to quote
GAS30HD 3.0" HD Add to quote
GAS40HD 4.0" HD Add to quote
GAS50HD 5.0" HD Add to quote
GAS60HD 6.0" HD Add to quote
GAS15HD 1.5" HD Add to quote

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Gaskets - Metric

Note: We carry Putz-style Metric gaskets with larger tab than V-style. We also carry Neoprene Red in both cavity and V-style.

Part Number Description  
GAS50MP-S 5.0" Metric Putz-Style Add to quote
GAS50MV-STYLE 5.0" Metric V-Style Add to quote
GAS50MSWCAVITY 5.0" Metric Cavity Style Add to quote
GAS50M-C-NEOP 5.0 M C Neoprene Red Add to quote
GAS50M-V-NEOP 5.0 M V Neoprene Red Add to quote

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